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       熱門搜索:   RC0402FR-073KL   34062-0006  
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      Series Type For Use With/Related Products Function License
      型號 廠牌 描述 購買 最小訂購量 DataSheet Series Type For Use With/Related Products Function License
      UEF-ISE-SYSTEM-25 Xilinx Inc UNIV ISE DESIGN SUITE BUND 購買 1 Subscription
      PBPUP MicroEngineering Labs Inc COMPILER UPGRADE PICBASIC PRO 購買 1 Compiler All PICmicro MCU's (Limited support for 12-bit)
      SW-AUTOSAR-FX3-EVA Renesas Electronics America/NEC SOFTWARE DNLD V850 AUTOSAR 購買 1
      SP78K4 Renesas Electronics America/NEC SOFTWARE 78K4 SYSTEM SIMULATOR 購買 1
      CSTC501W Freescale Semiconductor SOFTWARE C-WARE WEB CURR RELEASE 購買 1 下載 C-Ware
      CSTC501C Freescale Semiconductor SOFTWARE TOOLSET C-WARE WINDOWS 購買 1 下載 C-Ware
      BEESTACK-STD Freescale Semiconductor BEESTACK STANDARD EDITION 購買 1 下載 License
      BEESTACK-FLT Freescale Semiconductor BEESTACK FLOATING LICENSE 購買 1 下載 License
      RTL-ARM Keil REALVIEW REAL-TIME LIBRARY KIT 購買 1 Real-Time Library ARM® Cortex™-M3 MCUs
      IPS-WMD Altera IP WIRELESS MOD/DEMOD SUITE 購買 1 Suite of IP Functions for Wireless Mod/Demod Initial License
      IPSR-WMD Altera IP WIRELSS MOD/DEMOD SUITE RENEW 購買 1 Suite of IP Functions for Wireless Mod/Demod Renewal License
      IPR-CSC Altera IP COLOR SPACE CONVERTER RENEW 購買 1 下載 MegaCore Color Space Converter Renewal License
      TMDSCCS-MCUF25 Texas Instruments CODE COMPOSER STUDIO IDE V4.X 購買 1 Code Composer™ Code Composer Studio™ IDE TI's MSP430, Stellaris, C28x and CortexR4F
      32380 Parallax Inc ICC FOR PROPELLER NON-COMMERCIAL 購買 1 Compiler Propeller Control Board
      TMDX474H852-02 Texas Instruments HET ASSEMBLER/SIMULATOR 購買 1 Assembler TMS470
      TMDS3243850-02 Texas Instruments SOFTWARE C3X/4X CODE COMPOSER 購買 2 Code Composer Studio™ IDE TMS320C3x, TMS320C4x
      TMDS3242850-02 Texas Instruments SOFTWARE C2X/C20X CODE COMPOSER 購買 2 Assembler TMS320C2x, TMS320C2xx, TMS320C5x
      MSP-CCE430PRO Texas Instruments SOFTWARE CODE COMPOSER PRO V3.X 購買 1 下載 Code Composer PRO V3.0 MSP430
      TMDS3242855-02 Texas Instruments SOFTWARE C2X/C2XX/C5X PC C 購買 1 Compiler/Assembler/Linker TMS320C
      27000 Parallax Inc CD ROM PARALLAX 購買 1 BASIC Stamp Documentation BASIC Stamp®
      ADDS-21XX-PC-1 Analog Devices Inc SOFTWARE LIC 1SEAT FOR 210X 購買 1 下載 SHARC® Design Software ADSP-219x Blackfin®, SHARC® and TigerSHARC® DSPs
      101-0645 Rabbit Semiconductor SOFTWARE WEB DOWNLOAD MOD RFU 購買 1 RFU Module Dynamic C 9
      SW007021 Microchip Technology MPLAB SOFTWARE/DOCUMENTATION PKG 購買 1 MPLAB Production and Test Interface MPLAB®
      SW300090-5K Microchip Technology LIBRARY SW SPCH ENCOD/DECOD 5K 購買 1 Speech Encoding/Decoding Library dsPIC30F
      SW300090-25K Microchip Technology LIBRARY SW SPCH ENCOD/DECOD 25K 購買 1 Speech Encoding/Decoding Library dsPIC30F
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